Juggling is a state of arrested decay: a pattern woven through time and space that is constantly falling apart only to be rebuilt in the same moment.  This performance creates a giant sand painting using innovative juggling props filled with sand.  The sand slowly spills out, creating an ethereal environment where every throw becomes a line, and every catch is a splash of color.   The creation of the sand painting can be staged as a ten minute theatrical piece or a two to four hour museum installation piece.  The performance culminates in a short period of time for people to view the completed work and its destruction.    This performance won the 2014 world championship of  juggling awarded by the International Jugglers Assoc.


Some Assembly Required

At its core, juggling is about taking what you can hold on to and building with it no matter the difficulty or frustration—a never-ending puzzle we have always played.   This ten minute performance utilizes mixed object juggling to tell the story of two people attempting to assemble a sculpture using only a blueprint as a guide.    A frustrating task full of differing opinions and schisms but in the end a balance must be found.  This performance won the 2012 silver medal awarded by the International Jugglers Assoc.


 Juggler for Life

This forty-five minute program focuses on teaching children that everyone is capable of doing amazing things.  Talent is not something you're born with it’s earned with hard work and perseverance.  Topics also covered are: the power of reading, why physics is cool, how to control frustration, and working well with others.  We also offer program packages including workshops.